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dishing_thedirk's Journal

Dishing the Dirk: All Things Dirk Benedict
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Hello and welcome to the new home of the Dishing the Dirk community on LJ, a space for the appreciation of legendary actor and writer Dirk Benedict. Whether you're a lifelong Starbuck fan, have a soft spot for Templeton Peck or fell for Dirk during this year's Celebrity Big Brother, this is the place for you.

This community was born from the original dishingthedirk community, which, unfortunately, closed after an all too brief run. Those of us who had been active in that community created this new space in which to continue our fun. If you'd like to browse some of the entries from the original community, you can find them here.

So what do we do here? A number of things, although we're especially fond of posting screencaps, icons, wallpapers and other graphics. In fact, if you're looking for images of Dirk Benedict, you'll probably want to friend this community because boy do we post ‘em (And you don’t need to post yourself to follow us. Lurkers are more than welcome!)

Aside from sharing images and talking about his screen work, we also discuss Dirk's written work and interviews, along with pretty much anything else we can find. His writings and interviews usually provide great jumping off points for discussion, so we’re not just here to fangirl (although that’s more than welcome) but also to discuss a variety of topics connected to Dirk. Please note, however, that not all members will agree with everything Dirk (or you) say! Heck, part of the reason this community exists is to discuss his works without feeling pressured to avoid being honest if something about ‘em bothers you. So, if something Dirk has said irks you, feel free to say so and discuss why, as long as you stay polite and remember it's your opinion, not a fact.

So that’s pretty much it. Please feel free to hang out, look at the pretty pictures and add your thoughts on anything Dirk related.

Community guidelines

No flaming By flaming we mean the usual: no name-calling, no belittling, no threatening and no cat-fights. Remember, an argument is not the same thing as a debate. Please know the difference.

No Flame Baiting That means, basically, don't post anything with the sole intention of causing a ruckus or slandering some else either directly or by implication. For example, if you read the rules, you know we tolerate slash. So if you come here and politely say you find slash personally offensive and politely question why some like it and how we differentiate Starbuck from Dirk, that's fine.
If you come here and say you hate all slashers and feel we should not call ourselves Dirk fans, and you think all slash should be pulled from the net because it personally offends you and we should ban the slashers because they are sick perverts, that's Flame-Baiting, because you're not discussing, you're insulting those who do enjoy slash and there's not much reason to do that unless you mean to get flamed, which is flame baiting.

No Slandering If you have an issue with a person on this community, consult the mods. Please don't attack them in a post either directly or indirectly.

All posts of the above three types will be deleted, the posters warned, and repeat offenders removed.

Images (such as screen caps or pictures): Please place large (over 500px in width or height) or multiple (over three) images under an lj-cut. In order to create an lj-cut, type

<lj-cut text="whatever text you want here">

(replacing "whatever text you want here" with the text you'd like for the link to the full entry) before the section of the entry you want to be hidden behind the cut.

Icons and Graphics: As with other large images, please place large banners or wallpapers under an lj-cut, although smaller sized previews do not require one. If you’re posting more than five icons, please place them under an lj-cut, although feel free to include a couple of teasers or previews before the cut.

Usage of graphics and icons posted in the community: Individual members may vary in preferences regarding the use of their icons and graphics; if specified, please use the poster’s guidelines. If specific guidelines aren't provided, it’s customary to leave a comment indicating which icon(s) you wish to take, and credit either in the userpic keywords or comment space. Feel free to use screen caps for making graphics or for other personal uses, but please ask the original poster if you wish to include multiple images in a public gallery. Credit for screencaps not required unless specified, but is welcome. Finally, no hotlinking to images posted in the community. Please provide a textual link to the image or page instead, or upload to your own server or file hosting account.

Adult content/NSFW: If your post contains anything that may not be suitable for viewing from work or school (for example, strong language or frank depictions of sexuality), please place it under an lj-cut and indicate it as NSFW. If unsure, it’s generally best to err on the side of caution and to cut and label your post.

Fanart is enthusiastically welcomed. Please lj-cut anything that is larger than 500 pixels, or which may include adult content or may not be safe for work. In addition, please indicate the character(s), rating (either the MPAA ratings or more general terms such as "viewable by all" or "adult content"), and any applicable warnings for things people might find objectionable (e.g. slash, drag, NSFW, character death). Please feel free to use a more formal descriptive heading if you’d like, such as

Constructive Crits: (Y/N)

Fanfiction is also appreciated and welcomed. Please post lengthier entries (over 250 words) behind a cut, and indicate character(s), pairing(s) (if applicable), rating and and any appropriate warnings. As with fanart, feel free to use a more formal descriptive header, such as

Status: (Completed work or in progress)
Word count:
Authors Notes:

In terms of both fanfiction and fanart, slash, gen and het are all welcomed.

Discussion: Multiple viewpoints are encouraged, but please be respectful of others and ensure that your comments contribute to the conversation. Trolls, flaming, and abusive language will not be tolerated.

Tagging guidelines: To allow future ease of searching, please tag your posts using the following tags. If there isn’t a tag that applies, feel free to use the miscellaneous tag and the mods with either decide which tag suits it best or will add a new tag, as appropriate. To make it easier to find the relevant tag, they have been broken down into the following categories: (Hover over each link for more information on what each particular tag entails)

General tags
archived entries
fun stuff
introductory posts
mod post
news and announcements

Appearances and Events
dutch star con

Fanart and fanfic

Images and graphics

audio clips
video clips
Television and film
amazing stories
blue tornado
charlie’s angels
cruise into terror
georgia peaches
goldene zeiten
hammer house
hawaii five-o
murder she wrote
november conspiracy
official denial
paine management
shadow force
underground aces
young brave

Written material
articles and interviews
kamikaze cowboy

Questions? Finally, if you have any questions, feel free to ask one of the mods or leave a question here. In the unlikely event that that fails to garner a response, ani_bester is best reached by leaving a note in her journal, while you can reach morrow_bright by email (listed in her journal's userinfo).